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Washington State Prioritization Tool
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Welcome to the Washington State Spatial Prioritization Data Viewer. This viewer has been compiled to assist the State in prioritizing seafloor mapping data needs along Washington's Pacific coast as part of their marine spatial planning process. This viewer contains an inventory of existing seafloor mapping surveys and other relevant data layers (e.g. shoreline, human use, marine boundaries, marine life, oceanography, and benthic habitats) that can be utilized by planners, managers, and scientists to prioritize areas of the coast for additional seafloor mapping data collection. This viewer contains a range of information on the type, extent, year, and source of a multitude of seafloor mapping surveys conducted along the outer coast. We request your feedback on any additional surveys which are not included.

To turn on the individual data layers, click the check box for the data layers to make them visible and adjust the transparency slider bar as necessary. You can also change the underlying map by clicking on the "Change Background Map" accordion tab in the left panel.

To identify the data for a given location, make sure the data layers are turned on, then simply click your mouse on the map. A results box will appear with each data theme listed in an individual data tab. Click a tab to reveal the features found for your layer of choice. Please be aware that the more layers that are visible, the longer this operation will take. Also, some layers contain many complex features and may take some time to return a result.
For technical questions about this data viewer, please contact:
Ken Buja

For questions about this project, please contact:
Tim Battista

For questions about Washington State marine spatial planning efforts, please contact:
Jennifer Hennessey
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